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Robert Sellery Associates, Ltd.

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Robert Sellery  Associates, Ltd. (RSA)  has  25+  years  of  distinguished  service  as  consultants to  nonprofit organizations and executives  of all types.  This  sophisticated  suite  of advisory  services offered  is  specifically  designed  to  address  issues  highlighted in the national study, Ready to Lead?  For full report, go to:


  Leadership/Management Training & Development, including skilled & flexible delegation of tasks and projects for effective work-load management.

  Career Management & Examples to Show Motivation. 

  Recruitment.  Advisors to nonprofit organizations about strategies to fill key executive staff and board positions, meeting specialized skill needs, identifying, interviewing and  evaluating prospective candidates.   

  Case Studies for Education and Training.  For two case studies, go to - under construction.

  Knowledge About Careers in the Nonprofit Sector.  For more information, go to - under construction.

  Leadership Assessment & Performance Evaluation.

  Fundraising, Processes, Organization & Mistakes to Avoid.

  Salary Surveys, including merit-based incentive pay, salary comparisons among nonprofits competing for new talent, innovative compensation arrangements.

  Writing, Responding, Evaluating RFPs.

  Accurate Position Descriptions for Performance Evaluation, Training, Mentoring, Succession Planning.

  Managing Generational Differences.  Leadership models specifically designed for the nonprofits unique environment and organizational culture collaboration, mutual support, mentoring, flexible work arrangements. 

  Diversity Appreciation.  Practical Orientation to Global and Local Perspectives on Diversity.

  Succession Planning & Grooming Successors.

  External Visibility, Resources & Networks Essential for Senior Executives.

  Board Relations & Assimilation of New Board Members.

 Bob Sellery's CV.

Case Studies About Leadership, or Lack There of, in Nonprofit Organizations

Two cases have been written: A Manager for the Present or A Leader for the Future, and

A New Leader With Transferable Skills?  Or More of the Same?  Both cases have a list of issues for discussion.  We are prepared to write custom cases for special needs. Bob Sellery has guest lectured at George Mason Universitys graduate course on Nonprofit Leadership and Change using these cases.

Special Studies to Help Nonprofit Executives Build Several Functional Skills

We are responding to a national study, Daring to Lead, conducted by CompassPoint, sponsored by the Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation, about the least favorite aspects of an executive director's job, and the areas in which they most want to build skills.  The study reported that finance and fundraising were most mentioned in CompassPoint's work about areas senior nonprofit executives want to improve their skills.

Bob Sellery has been a fundraiser at a major research university.  He has written a syllabus for a resource development course, using Philip Kotler's marketing management approach to fundraising, and Alan Andreasen & Philip Kotler's Strategic Marketing for NonProfit Organizations.  It is a broad and comprehensive course about nonprofits, using generally accepted marketing management principles.

Sellery believes that the concepts, tools and models that have worked so effectively to manage products and services in the forprofit sector are becoming increasingly relevant to the management of products and services in the nonprofit sector.

Special Studies About Attracting More People into the Nonprofit Sector

We are addressing two related national issues in the nonprofit sector.  The first is The Nonprofit Sector's Leadership Deficit, a national study by the Bridgespan Group, Inc., sponsored by the Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation, which reported "...a need to attract and develop some 640,000 new senior managers...over the next decade."  The second issue is to attract more graduating college and university young people, mid career executives outside the nonprofit sector and retirees to consider opportunities in the nonprofit sector.

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