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Robert Sellery Associates, LLC.

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Bob Sellery's CV.
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Robert Sellery Associates, LLC.
Offers Advisory Services to Organizations and People in the Nonprofit Sector

 Advisory Services for Nonprofit Organizations.

Leadership and management assessment, training and development.

Case studies describe successful changes in the speed and direction of the organization.  These case studies can be used in leadership and management training as noted above, or in an educational conference format. 
Follow link to…. under development

Elements of fund-raising.  Bob served as a development officer at Princeton University during a major capital campaign.  He is knowledgeable about case statements, prospect research, major gifts, foundation relations and corporate support.

Elements of executive search: 

Description of the position.  Description of an ideal candidate. 

Recruiting tradeoffs: human resources manage it, advertising, networking, internal promotion or recruiter.  

Help find recruiters and evaluate them. 

Where to find best candidates, “target organizations.” 

Interviewing candidates. 

Assistance with compensation offer and employment. 

Delegation of tasks and projects for more effective work-load management.  We can provide discussion and examples about delegation.   

Other servicess, as requested. 

Financial arrangements for organizational advisory services.  Follow link to…. under development

Advisory Services For people in the Nonprofit Sector. 

Listening session(s) about whether you can achieve your professional goal(s) at your present organization or if you need to look somewhere else. 

Help for you to decide what you are trained to do best of all. Help you aim your approach toward using those skills. Help you look for organizations that should be interested in knowing about you.  Follow link to…. under development

Discussions about networking. 

Resume writing, organization and presentation.  (Help looking at a resume as an "inventory" of your experience.) 

Effective interviewing techniques. 

Case studies can helpful to individuals looking for some of themselves in the cases when analyzing their career.  Follow link to…. under development

Other services, as requested.

For people interested in exploring a move into in the Nonprofit Sector, RSA offers:

All of the services offered above, to people in the nonprofit sector, will be available to those interested in exploring a move into the Nonprofit Sector.

           Help packaging transferable skills into a resume for the Nonprofit Sector.

           Help understanding the various subsectors of the Nonprofit Sector.

           Assistance with specialized needs, upon request.

We can lead all people to more information about the 10 broad nonprofit categories and the 26 nonprofit subsectors, as organized by the National Center for Charitable Statistics at the Urban Institute.   Follow link to…. under development

Financial arrangements for advisory services to people.  Follow link to….under development

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